React (6 years experience)

  • Experience with complex state management tools such as Redux and React Hooks
  • In-depth understanding of modern toolchains including Webpack, Babel, and Typescript

User Experience Prototyping (3 years experience)

  • Responsible for building and collecting feedback on user prototypes for several products
  • Contributed to all stages of design process to ensure mockups would be feasible to implement

NodeJS (7 years experience)

  • Experienced in writing well organized restful APIs with Express
  • Proficient with designing fault-tolerant applications that depend on and work with other services

Docker (5 years experience)

  • Constructed group of Docker Swarm host nodes for zero downtime production upgrades
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines for fully automated microservice deployment

Databases (7 years experience)

  • Skilled in writing and optimizing SQL for Postgres, MySQL, and Oracle
  • Experience in designing performant data schemas for document stores such as MongoDB

Linux System Administration (7 years experience)

  • Managed department of servers and workstations across several distros
  • Prototyped and implemented automated provisioning and management with Salt